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Psychedelic Recovery

Our Mission

Our mission is to shift the paradigm around how we understand, heal and treat addiction to a framework based in self love, empowerment and transformation. We are a group of peers in recovery that believe that psychedelics and plant medicines can help us dissolve addictive patterns that we are ready to release from our lives. We gather regularly to support one another to effectively understand and integrate these life-changing tools.

Members of Psychedelic Recovery have either already experienced the transformative capacity of psychedelics, are currently using them to heal, or are interested in learning what role they may play in interrupting addiction. Beyond addiction, some individuals may turn to psychedelics to aid in mental health, personal growth, spiritual development, and well-being.

Psychedelic Recovery



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Expanding out of addiction with the intentional use of psychedelics

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Help us grow...

This project was created to raise money to support the expansion of our global, online recovery support group and mission to empower individuals to awaken from the slavery of addiction under the banner of a new organization - “Psychedelic Recovery,” a sister organization of the San Francisco Psychedelic Society. As a new initiative, we aim to further the conversation, research, and healing opportunities for individuals committed to this process of metamorphosis.

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We continue to gather regularly to support one another to effectively understand and integrate these life-changing tools into our lives.

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Psychedelic Recovery

Monday Night @ 6 pm PST

Psychedelic Recovery

Wednesday Night @ 6:30 pm PST

Psychedelic Recovery

In-person Meeting 2nd Sunday @ 2 pm PST

Location TBD

Disclaimer: Groups do not offer psychotherapy, psychedelic substances, medical advice, or referrals. This meeting is designed as a secure and anonymous space for peer support, not professional advice. It is not a place to promote services or to seek in the procurement of any controlled substances.

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